My hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado is situated in the high desert of the Rocky Mountains along the Continental Divide. In winter, we are gifted with deep snowfalls that slowly melt throughout the warmer months, supplying water for much of the western United States. Each year, the Yampa River flows at its peak at some point in late spring, creating a spectacle of whitewater waves and overflowing banks. This is my yearly opportunity to observe the power of water flowing through the mountains. Unlike the ocean, the mighty waves in a river generally stay in one place, making it easier to study the graceful movement of an ever-changing wave.

This is where the inspiration for my ceramic sculptures of waves begins. Years ago, I discovered a method of building dramatic wave forms using slabs of porcelain clay attached and smoothed together to form a surprisingly stable structure. With this process, I have learned to create forms that capture the “dance” of water in a river. Since then, many new forms have evolved from this method, as you will see in the following images.