Classes & Workshops

Julie Anderson presents a wedged ball of clay to a student in a wheel class at Warehome Studios in Steamboat Springs, CO

I am passionate about teaching in way that give students the confidence and technical understanding of working with clay.  After teaching for nearly 20 years, I found many different ways of explaining processes on the potters wheel as well in hand-building.  Patience, kindness and humor are my strongest attributes in the teaching process.

In 2016, we completed construction of a new classrooms space, Warehome Studios, where we have 8 potters wheels, works tables, a slab roller, a cone 10 reduction kiln, multiple electric kilns and plenty of shelf storage for students work.  We also have an upstairs gallery where we show the work of all instructors and assistants.

All classes are now taught at:

Warehome Studios: 2520 Copper Ridge Dr. Unit C2, Steamboat Springs, CO

Julie keeps an eye on the wheel students’ progress at Warehome Studios in Steamboat Springs, Colorado