With a background in biology, images of science and nature are consistently present in my work. Many of my forms are broken down into detailed parts that illustrate the “building blocks” of a given subject within nature. Cells, molecules and eddies of water adorn portions of my sculptures. Buttons, zippers, screws and various types of man-made hardware are often incorporated into these organic forms, alluding to man’s manipulation of nature. Issues of climate change, genetic modification and the excessive use of natural resources are a few of the concepts that I explore through my sculptural work.

I see working with clay as a dance with nature. For me, there is no other medium or mineral that comes so close to being alive and human-like in its characteristics. There are many metaphors in ceramics that support this observation. We awaken the clay by wedging. We are aware of the clay’s memory when manipulating fine-grained porcelain. Dry clay breaths and expands as is absorbs water. It goes through metamorphosis, aging over time in a heavy plastic bag or maturing as we subject it to heat and energy. These characteristics are exactly what keep me on my toes and thoroughly engage my subconscious as I create with this highly responsive material.